Eyebrow Tutorial

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-Kirkland Angle/Spooly Duo Brush (Costco)
-Wet N Wild Brow Kit (Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS)
-Studio Tools Concealer Brush (Target)
-Ruthless Cosmetics "Alabaster" Corrector (RuthlessCosmetics.Com)

Start From Botton To Top
Work Your Way Inwards (Dont RE-DiP YOUR BRUSH iNTO POWDER) Use Whats Left On The Brush, This Creates A More Light Shade.
Grab More Powder And Begin At Your Arch Down, You Want Your Arch And Tail To be Dark & Full.
Whatever Powder Is Left On The Brush, Lightly Feather The Remaining Surface Of Your Eyebrows.
Use Concealer/Corrector To Define Your Eyebrows!
TiP: When Your Done You Can Apply Some Of Your Face Powder Over The Concealer/Corrector So Its Not That Noticeable. Or What I Also Do, I Take My Powder Brush With A Small Amount Of Loose Powder And Lightly Feather Over My Eyebrows.

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